ABQ Fit Food is a godsend for those weeks when you want to eat healthy, but simply do not have the time to prepare the food. Ordering is easy, delivery is customized and the prices are reasonable. Some weeks, I only order lunches, and some weeks, I order lunches and dinners, but since I can order as much or as little as I need, I can always get the right amount of meals for the week ahead. The food is tasty, healthy, and nutritionally balanced, making ABQ Fit Food our choice of cuisine when we are unable to cook for ourselves at home.  The key to healthy eating is to have healthy food at hand when needed, and ABQ Fit Food makes that easy to do!

– Tracy L, Homemaker

We are thrilled to have crossed paths with Blair Bidwell and her sensational catering company, ABQ Fit Food! As a busy, active, professional couple we are delighted to have delicious, nutritious, innovative and fairly priced gourmet dishes delivered to our home. ABQ Fit Food truly enhances our work week. Thanks to AFF we have time for the gym, errands, and anything else the week may throw at us. When the weekend arrives, we have energy, enthusiasm and added gastronomic motivation to cook for ourselves. Honestly, everything we have eaten from ABQ Fit Food is amazing! Our regular orders include spicy cashew chicken, turkey salad, protein parfait and perhaps the best salmon entree in New Mexico!

– JJ & Stacey C., Accounting & Healthcare Administration

I love the convenience of not cooking food.  I am extremely busy. I don’t work normal hours during the day and having ABQ Fit Food, cuts my time and worry about good food choices. The food is amazing, and is always fresh and delivered to me. This has made my life better.

– Trish H, Law Enforcement

I LOVE ABQ Fit Food!! The best part about ABQ Fit Food is that Blair is always consistent. Consistent with orders, deliveries, and catering to my specific food needs. My daily work schedule is always planned down to the minute so having Blair preparing and delivering my food helps me never skip a beat with my schedule which is a huge win for me. Convenience is always a win but the quality of the food and how it’s prepared is AMAZING! Everything from the burgers, breakfast burritos, and wraps are delicious and they fuel me up enough to keep my energy throughout my work day, and keeps me gaining for my workouts. My wife uses Blair’s services as well being that she is pregnant and being a very picky eater, Blair is able to work through that to keep my wife happy and ultimately makes my life happy. Happy Wife Happy Life!

– Justin M, Personal Training Manager

I have been enjoying ABQ Fit Food for quite some time now. I consider it an investment in my health. Blair uses the freshest and best foods available to make many different combinations for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I have in the past meal prepped on my own but I must say I believe Blair does a better job and that allows me to do the things I enjoy in my busy life. She also will accommodate dietary needs, for instance, I like to eat low in carbs in order to maintain my weight as I age. Dietary needs are different for individuals at all ages and activity levels. Blair understands this so I have her make me delicious lunches that meet my needs. By the way, the flourless oatmeal cranberry and walnut cookies are my weakness. I love sweets and this is one that you can enjoy without guilt. I recommend her food and am grateful I have the option to take care of myself by using her services. Life is short, enjoying healthy food is a good thing!

– Zita P, Registered Nurse

ABQ Fit Food has provided me a healthy and convenient way to eat meals. It has relieved me of the hassle of preparing meals and the study of finding what is healthy and efficient for my body. The convenience has allowed me more time to study & spend time with my family. The meals sure do beat out the options of eating out and frozen meals with much more nutrient rich options. The healthy options have also transformed my energy with my workouts and have benefited my journey to my goals at the gym.

-Michelle J, Nursing Student

“I am a fitness coach and national NPC Figure competitor. I lead a very busy lifestyle between family and work. Thus, I do not always have time to prepare meals in advance. Thankfully, I found ABQ Fit Food to keep me on track with my fitness goals. I love the excellent service and the fact that they are willing to accomodate special requests and dietary restrictions. Each week delicious, healthy meals are delivered to me taking away the stress and worry of hours of shopping and meal preparation.”

-Carol C, Fitness Coach

“ABQ Fit Food makes life possible for me. Working 3 jobs, being a full time student, and a competitive athlete leaves me close to no time to focus on nutrition. Because of ABQ Fit Food, I’m able to keep a healthy diet while staying within my MACROs and not have to worry about meal prep. The meal prices are manageable and adjustable to dietary needs/restrictions, which is something I’ve had issues with using other companies in the past. Blair has always been so helpful and patient with my crazy schedule, and has made my weight cuts for competition happen. Thanks to Blair and ABQ Fit Food, I have found a company I can trust to take care of an essential part of my life without any worries or complaints.”

-Robyn F, PT Technician, PTA Student