About Us

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Blair Bidwell, a native New Mexican, is the creator and owner of ABQ Fit Food. Blair graduated from the University of New Mexico in 2011, with a double major in Communication and Spanish. During her last couple semesters in college, she became very interested in fitness, nutrition and living an overall healthy lifestyle. After graduating, she got her personal training certification and began working as a personal trainer at a local Albuquerque gym. She loved helping people through a positive outlet of training and enjoyed educating her clients about healthy habits and safe ways to achieve and maintain their health and fitness goals. Blair left personal training after a couple of years to try her hand at working in an office environment. Ironically enough, during that time is when her healthy habits and creative cooking flourished.

Working in an office environment is completely different then working at a gym. You sit. A LOT. I realized quickly that if I wanted to maintain my weight and continue to achieve my health and fitness goals, I was going to have to get serious about preparing my food every day so that I was in control of my goals instead of letting my job or schedule determine my lifestyle. I began prepping my own meals every week and started to get creative with recipes so that I didn’t feel deprived or like I was missing out on the typical ‘lunchtime experience.’ It’s easy to go out to lunch and have a greasy burger and fries or to indulge in some greasy fast food, so I decided to create a menu that provides busy people with healthy, creative meals that satisfy taste buds without sabotaging health goals.

During my personal training experience, I was also very aware that the majority of people fall into four categories:
•    We don’t know what foods are actually ‘healthy’ or how to cook them.
•    We don’t like to cook.
•    We don’t want to cook.
•    We don’t have time to cook.

And just like that, ABQ Fit Food was created. Healthy meals, prepared, packaged and delivered.